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Santa Monica Malibu School Bond

Measure BB was approved by 67% of the voters. Thank you for your support.

Vote Yes on Measure BB!

Measure BB will make our schools in Santa Monica and Malibu safer for our students and teachers. Many of the schools in Santa Monica and Malibu are over 60 years old and in desperate need of repair and renovation. Measure BB will repair these aging schools.
  • Measure BB will remove asbestos and mold from our schools, repair leaky roofs, install fire safety equipment, upgrade outdated bathrooms and plumbing and make our classrooms seismically safe.
  • Measure BB will reduce overcrowding in our neighborhood schools.
  • Measure BB will allow our schools to build and equip more science labs and upgrade computer technology throughout our schools.
  • Measure BB will give our students access to the 21st Century education they need to succeed in college and in today's competitive job market.

Each school within the Santa Monica Malibu School District will receive its fair share of Measure BB – allowing them to address their specific repair and overcrowding needs.

What does your
child's school need?

School Needs Report

Click here to download a copy of the report.

Committee for School Safety and Repair - Yes on Measure BB . ID #1289711 . Treasurer Samuel R. Biggs
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